Long Islands Windows 7 Computer Builder
I'm Doug
        In our custom built computers we still use Windows 7. No other operating systems are recommended at this time. That being said we can install any of the many operating systems that you require. All parts are researched for quality, not price. You're files can be transfered from your old computer free of charge.
        Let's face it we can't buy parts in bulk like Dell or HP, but
feel that the quality of our computers is so much better. So yes, our prices may be just a little bit higher, but not by much.
        Each computer comes with a one year warranty. Since we
opened 12 yrs ago we've built 200+ for our customers and I can"t remember one that had a problem.
        Computers from the big box stores only come with windows 8, help service from India, and need to be sent away for repairs.
         Buy from us and you get a quality machine and help just a
phone call away.

        This is our standard computer case that we use. It has a beautiful look, with a large start button, reset button, hidden dvd panel, 2 front usb plugs, and front and rear fans for cooling.
        There are many choice's of course, from smaller to larger and various colors. These are just a few.
        All our computer's come standard with AMD processors, 320 gig hard drives, dvd burners, 8 gigs of memory, 6 usb ports, Windows 7 home premium completely set up with all the updates, Adobe reader and Flash player, and AVG free anti-virus. No unwanted programs and trial crap installed.
        Do you need more? Bigger and faster processor, second storage drive, card reader (no charge), wireless connection, video card for gaming? You name it and we do it.
        Are you ready to get back on track with a real computer and no more headaches? My name is Doug. Give me a call at Oakdale Computer.
Perhaps you need help with Viruses or other issues. Just click on the link below to our home page.